All the fabrics, 

from which 

the cushions 

were made, 

were produced 

with the high

standards of 

raw materials 

and finishing.

sleeping pillow ORKISZ 60*50 cm

Tax included

The design of the fabric covering a pillow uses a simple pattern of letters that make up the Polish and Latin names of the grain species from which the filling is made. Ecological fillings from spelled hulls guarantee a comfort of sleep, thanks to many valued properties, especially anti-allergic and the possibility to stabilize the cushion in terms of head and neck position. A perceptible structure of the granular filling influences micro and peripheral circulation. Moreover, the pillows with grain hulls smell nice and can soothe you with rustling scales. Drain with the opportunity to adjust the amount of filling -100% cotton with a thick filling weave. Pillowcase - printed cotton satin.